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Traveling Blocks(Type B)

Traveling Blocks
(Type B)

Size Range: 200T - 1500T
Compact and streamlined design.
Easily integrated with top drives.
Individual lubrication lines.
One piece alloy clevis.


Size Range: 24”- 120”
Fabricated 3-piece design manufactured to customer specifications.
Grooves flame hardened to 35 HRC minimum to ensure extended life.
Additional options available: bearings, seals, snap rings, and bushings.
Block Hook Combo(Type D or Type DH)

Block Hook Combo
(Type D or Type DH)

Size Range: 110T - 750T
8-position swivel lock allowing for 360⁰ hook rotation.
Compact and streamlined design.
Additional options available: hook positioners & hydraulic snubbers.

Drilling Hooks
(Type HH)

Size Range: 200T - 1500T
8-position swivel lock allowing 360⁰ hook rotation.
Available with hydraulic snubber.
Drilling Hooks(Type HH)


Size Range: 150T - 750T
Designed for conventional and top drive drilling.
One piece forged alloy bail.
Quick change washpipe.
Heavy duty bearings.
Available with saver sub.

Connectors and Adapters

Size Range: 200T – 1500T
Custom solutions for any block-hook-swivel-top drive connection requirement.
Adapters and links.
Counterbalance kits.
Adapters for equipment and orientation change.
Customized connections and conversions.
Connectors and Adapters
Crown Blocks

Crown Blocks

Size Range: 200T - 1500T
Designed to fit customer rig.
Crown structure.
Pedestals – deadline, fastline, main cluster.
Entire crown block assembly.

Well Service Blocks

Size Range: 75T - 200T
Duplex hook for easy elevation operation.
8-position swivel lock allowing for 360⁰ hook rotation.
Weighted design to ensure fast free fall.
Compact and streamlined design.
Available with spring (Model WSS).
Well Service Blocks
Deadline Anchors

Deadline Anchors

Load Rating: 30 KIPS - 200 KIPS.
Wire Rope Sizes: 0.625” - 2.25”.
Types: fixed or rotating.
Floor or mast mounting options.
Available with load sensator; compression or tension.
Left hand models also available.

Rotary Tables

Size Range: 17.5”- 75.5”
Drive Options: AC, DC, hydraulic, hydraulic with controls.
Heavy duty main bearing & fabricated frame.
Triple labyrinth mud seal.
High-quality spiral bevel gears.
Independent rotary drives.
Additional options available: master bushings, insert.
Bowls, casing bushings, and adapter rings.
Rotary Tables(RK-Series)
Pulsation Dampeners DNV Type Approved

Pulsation Dampeners DNV Type Approved

Pressure Range: 5000 PSI - 7500 PSI.
Dampener Types: Suction, Discharge, Inline Suction.
Field replaceable diaphragms.
Superb durability with standard urethane bladder.

AC Drawworks
(DKS Series)

Load Range: 550 KIPS - 2000 KIPS.
AC or DC.
Fail-safe pneumatic or hydraulic brakes.
Single or multi-speed options.
Heavy duty and compact design.
Supplied with all necessary control systems.
AGMA quality Q11 or higher gearing.
AC Drawworks(DKS Series)

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