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Reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO)

Well Service Pumps (WSP)

Well Service Pump 2500HP - 52" Frames

The power end frame is the most expensive component of a well service pump, and when it cracks it causes other components to fail prematurely.

With our new design, we have addressed all areas where competitors’ offerings crack too soon.
The architecture of our frame distributes the forces applied to the nose plate into the cross-sectional metal plates, making our frame ready for long intervals in the field, and significantly stronger than competitors.
The nose plate is 3” wide, which represents a 10% increase in thickness vs. competitors’ offerings.
Improved roller bearing plates. Dimension: 1” thickness.
Improved material: ASTM A572 GR50 versus industry-standard material of A36.
Interchangeability of parts. Our design is capable of utilizing competitors’ internal parts, reducing the cost of rebuild.
Warranty: our frames carry an industry-leading warranty from defects in material and workmanship for a period of eighteen (18) months from the date of shipment.
Well Service Pump 2500HP - 52" Frames | FrontsideWell Service Pump 2500HP - 52" Frames | Back side

Pump Expendables

G+R Stay Rods for Legacy 2500 HP & 3000 HP

Style: one piece.
Dimensions: 2” x 1 ¾” x 13”.
Material: spec 4340 with 110KSI.
Precision roll threaded with superior strength, finish, dimensional integrity, and accurate lead tolerances.
Stay Rods - G+R Power Solutions
Valves and Seats - G+R Power Solutions

Valves & Seats

Proprietary design. Our molding process reduces the possibility of air pockets in the insert.
Forged valves and seats with a proven heat treatment process.
G+R’s “mean orange” valve insert holds a proprietary design built to sustain the heat and forces of today’s fracking industry.

WSP Extreme® Gold

Premium product developed for high-pressure formations, wells with high proppant loads & long stage lengths.
Custom designed 100% aramid fiber.
Engineered elastomer binder with proprietary lubrication package to prolong pressure ring life and prevent excessive wear on stuffing box bores and plungers.
Superior strength for high-pressure environments.
Maximum resilience for high proppant load service conditions.
Increases uptime and extends Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
WSP Extreme® Gold
WSP Extreme® Silver

WSP Extreme® Silver

Proprietary fabric matrix developed to outperform other aramid-based packings in severe services while minimizing wear on mating surfaces.
Proprietary 100% aramid-fabric matrix.
Gold elastomer with engineered internal lubrication package to prolong life and prevent excessive wear on mating surfaces.
Optimal performance under high pressure and high-temperature conditions minimizes wear on stuffing box bores and plungers.
Increases uptime and extends MTBF.
Reduces TCO.

Boost Pumps

Atlas Copco

Rugged modular skid designed to sustain the toughest environments.
System includes a variable frequency drive (VFD) with remote operation capabilities.
No fuel consumption and zero emissions.
Lower TCO – higher efficiency pumps with low downtime, and no refueling cost.
Atlas Copco E-pumps

Integrated Control

Digital controller with standard warnings, shutdown, stop/start function, emergency stop, and easy-to-access and read diagnostics. Configurable setpoint via a transducer to control the pumps speeds.

Excellent Serviceability

Our swing door solution on the main pump intake significantly helps to reduce service time. With very few steps, you can open the suction plate and access the pump.

Compact For Transportability

The compact PAC H range offers dimensions that allow you to transport up to 3 units on a regular 48ft flatbed trailer. Meaning you save an average of 33% in transport costs, and reduce your C02 footprint.

Atlas Copco

Enclosed oil bath - Extended dry running capability.
Leakage Detection Port - Visual fail safe.
No need of flush water.
Semi Cartridge Seal design.
Easy serviceability on the field - More pumping. Less downtime.
Fully protected cross-linked PE fuel cell - no oxidation and safe.
All information on a QR code scan sway - power connect!
Digitally connected - Fleetlink.
Atlas CopcoPac-series | All ModelsAtlas CopcoPac-series | Feature

Mud Pumps

Mud Pumps

Power Range: 800 HP - 2200 HP.
Drive Options: AC, DC, Diesel; rear or top mounted.
Heavy duty reinforced steel frame.
AGMA quality double helical gear sets.
Two piece fluid end design for easy changeability.
Mud Pumps (K-Series)

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